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2003: Shenzhen Xingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was established and Jiangsu Province (Suzhou) Office was established.

2004: Zhejiang (Ningbo) Office was established, and the resistance forming machine and V-CUT substrate separator were launched.
2005: The transistor automatic molding machine and the microcomputer jumper forming machine were launched.
2006: Established Baoan Shajing Automation R&D Center and opened non-standard automation business.
2010: Automatic high-speed tape machine series, air conditioner finished product static leak detection automatic equipment, crystal automatic sleeve magnetic bead machine, automatic casing machine, automatic stripping machine.
2011: The Fujian (Xiamen) office was established.
2012: The heat sink automatic locking screw machine and coordinate screw machine are on the market.
2013: Chongqing office was established.
2015: Development of a robot application project.
2016: The launch of smart cameras, vision applications, and automated assembly lines.
2017: Acquired the title of smart mobile office and efficient office enterprise.
2018: Obtained the National High-tech Enterprise Certificate.

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