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What are the application areas and maintenance standards of

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Xingxun electronic technology professional manufacturers 15 years of non-standard automation equipment, won the affirmation of many of the world's top 500 enterprises, 15 years of grinding a sword, quality, technology, services and other rest assured customization. There are five major applications for the export of non-standard automation equipment: automotive, food, electronics, logistics, processing and four-point maintenance standards.

(1) manufacture and installation of automobile parts in automobile manufacturing industry;
(2) production transportation and packaging in food industry;
(3) product transportation in electronic and electrical production line;
(4) wide application of storage facilities in logistics industry;

Application of assembly industry in manufacturing industry.Maintenance standard

1, according to the equipment usage instructions, to establish a reasonable maintenance quota, improve the maintenance technical level;
2, check temperature transmitter, pressure transmitter, electric control valve acceptance line is loose, Shedding phenomenon;
3, check temperature transmitter for moisture, water phenomenon;
4, check calibration electromagnetic Flowmeter.

With the development of non-standard automation, there will be more and more applications in the future, such as clothing, printing, glass and other industries. There are also a number of industries that have come to realize the importance of automated manufacturing 

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