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Intelligent industrial camera

Product number: SF-1600
    ●Powe:110v/220v AC. 60/50 Hz
    SF-1600 Intelligent industrial camera

    Intelligent industrial camera

    一、Geometric measurement
          Xingxun intelligent camera can efficiently perform geometric measurement by geometric algorithm, which can not only measure the actual contour of the target, but also fit into a line segment, circle, arc or rectangle by software algorithm to get more accurate measurement. result.
    The software geometry measurement function can be used for various types of measurements such as area, long width, diameter, and spacing. The software uses sub-pixel measurement algorithms to achieve the highest measurement accuracy.

    Geometric measurement

    二、Appearance inspection
          Comparing with manual inspection machine vision, machine vision is more and more widely used as defect detection. Xingxun Intelligent Camera can accurately detect the outside of the product The outline defect and surface defect not only have excellent detection ability, but also can set conditions to screen out the size, shape, quantity and other defects.

    Appearance inspection

    三、Detection and identification
          Xingxun visual software can read bar code, two-dimensional code, OCR, etc. Blob analysis tools can judge whether products exist or not according to product surface characteristics.Defects, etc., are widely used. Template matching can accurately locate the product and judge its status. It is widely used in the field of industrial automation with industrial robots.

    Detection and identification

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