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SF-600B Micro-computer Jump Wire Machine

Product number: SF-600B
    ●Powe:110v /220v AC.60/50Hz
    SF-600B Micro-computer Jump Wire Machine

    Micro-computer Jump Wire Machine

    Micro-computer Jump Wire Machine

    ●:Power:110v/220v  AC. 60/50 Hz
    ●:No waste material.
    ●:Emergency stop device is installded.
    ●:LED Display for Counting.
    ●:Adjustable leg length(h),full-automatic feeding of the whole roll of wire.
    ●:Accurate precision,earbide molds,long service life.
    ●:Adopts tungsten carbide molds,long service life.
    ●:Easy a djustment,maintenance,adopts special feeding method,smooth operation and no trace on the wire.
    ●:Fixed leg length(H) is in dicated when order.
    ●:Adopts micro-computer digital control device,setting total length of wire.
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