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Xingxun Spring Festival holiday notice

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Notice of the Spring Festival holiday in 2018

Respected customers: 

Shenzhen Xingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. All staff here deeply thank you for your long-term support and love for our company!
Best wishes and greetings to you! In the new year, we will work harder to provide you with better service! 

The Chinese New year holiday period of 2018 is 15 days from February 8, 2018 to February 22, 2018, and it will come to work on Friday, February 23, 2018. 

I apologize for the inconvenience this holiday brings to you.

On the coming of the New year, I wish you every success, good luck, good health, happiness and good luck in the new year!!! 

Shenzhen Xingxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.
January 31, 2018

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