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Automatic screw locking machine can prolong machine life at

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Automatic screw locking machine is widely used in various electronic industries. With the use of automatic screw locking machine industry more and more, with the use of full automatic screw locking machine, employees in various industries have become more proficient in the use of automatic screw locking machine. However, some enterprises often find errors or screw machine damage when using automatic screw locking machine, which affects production efficiency. 

Therefore (star fast electronics) small knitting to the various industries sorted out six correct maintenance of automatic screw locking machine and its advantages and disadvantages. 

1. If the milling cutter of a fully automatic screw locking machine has abnormal vibration or noise in use, it needs to stop and check. During the inspection, it should ensure that the power supply is turned off. (when the machine appears this situation is usually a machine problem, if the problem cannot be detected, Please contact the manufacturer after sale in time. 
2. after the work is finished, please turn off the power supply and remove the scrap from the automatic lock screw machine. 
3. Always pay attention to the protection of the upper and lower cutters of the automatic screw locking machine. When it is not working for a long time, please unload the upper and lower cutters and smear the oil to protect them. Wipe them off before use. (ensure that the cutters can be used normally. Avoid damage to the cutter during use) 
4. in the cleaning and maintenance, the dirt of alcohol can not fall into the spindle, because this is the core assembly of the automatic lock screw machine, so as not to affect his normal work. (alcohol and other substances will cause the spindle control failure and total damage, it must be noted). 
5. The rod and bearing of automatic screw locking machine need to be maintained with lubricating oil at ordinary times, and the loose parts should be fastened at the same time. (the sliding degree of the rod and bearing of the machine should be maintained well to avoid excessive rust and other problems.)
6. When fully automatic screw locking machine is in use, it is necessary to carry out cleaning and maintenance first, and clean all parts of the machine with proper alcohol (long-term cleaning reduces the appearance mold damage of screw machine) 
The cutting speed of the full - automatic lock screw driver can be set at both high and low , the maximum stroke of the cutter wheel is 600 mm , the traveling division of the walking knife type full - automatic lock screw machine can be carried out , the stress can be reduced completely , and the crack and the part fracture of the welding spot can be prevented . the invention relates to a full - automatic lock screw machine , which adopts an upper circular knife lower flat knife mode , the pcb plate is used for a full - automatic locking screw machine lower flat knife , the switch is stepped on , the upper circular knife is horizontally moved to the set fixed point , the pcb board is cut and cut , the cut - off wire is cut off , and the cut is flat .

Advantages and disadvantages: automatic screw locking machine usually refers to pcb automatic screw locking machine, that is, circuit board automatic screw locking machine. Automatic screw locking machine is widely used in electronic manufacturing industry. Because of the strong stress produced by the traditional artificial folding method and the serious influence on the quality of the product, the artificial folding board has been replaced by the machine split-plate basically. Automatic screw locking machine can be divided into the following categories: walking knife type automatic screw locking machine, stamping type automatic lock screw machine, milling cutter type automatic lock screw machine, laser automatic lock screw machine.

1. Advantages: low cost; disadvantage: can only be divided into straight lines with edge.
2. The advantages of automatic punching screw locking machine: low cost and high speed for the first time; disadvantages: high cost in the later stage due to special die. The stress is
3. Milling cutter type automatic locking screw machine advantages: can be any shape plate, the stress is very small, cutting edge without edge; disadvantage: the first cost is high.
4. Laser automatic screw locking machine advantages: at the same time has the advantages of milling cutter type automatic locking screw machine, and pcb plate can be differential cutting, no stress; disadvantage: the machine is expensive. 

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