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Automatic Device Manufacturer Resistor Loose Radial Lead Cut

Product number: SF-580
    ●Powe:110v/220v AC. 60/50 Hz

    Automatic High-speed Forming Cutter

    • Order number: SF-580
    • Processing customization: No
    • Brand: SF / Xing Xun
    • Model: SF-580
    • Applicable: LED / LED, triode, aluminum electrolytic capacitor, metalized film capacitor, safety capacitor, quartz crystal, and other vertical parts
    • Alias: high speed molding machine
    • Specification: L1500xW1000xH1500mm
    • Spec:
    • Power:220v/50Hz/1.6Kw
    • Size:L1500×W1000×H1500mm
    • Weight:350Kg
    • Capacity:160-230pcs/min
    • Features:
    • Apply toLED/light emitting diode,triode,aluminum electrolytic capacitor,metallic film capacitor,safety capacitor,quartz crystal and other upright type elements.
    • Import CAM mechanical transmission,precise stable,durable and low noise. Each part has the special hard coating with long service life.
    • The whole set of system is used PLC control with ultra strong stability.The operator interface is touch screen,convenient and easy to learn,and the data alignment is more conveniet.
    • Speed control of the non-phase fine adjustment of transducer.
    • Upper clipand open clip system are rack and pinion type.The change of fixture centerline is invariant,no harm by clipping and more convenient to change the specification.Φ4--Φ6are shared the same fixture,andΦ8-Φ10are shared the same fixture.
    • Moldingpitch:2.0mm,2.5mm,5mm,7.50mm,10mm,15mm,20mm,25mm.
    • Molding/feet cut method:odd leg,90℃ bending,incurvature,excurvation and vertical angle,etc.
    • Length of feet cut:2.5mm-28mm.
    • Working pressure:4kg/cm2
    • The special molding pattern can be customized according to the client’s different requirements.
    • The equipment is anti-static.


    Automatic High Quality Component Lead Foot Bending Machine Feet Cutting Machine


    Automatic High Quality Component Lead Foot Bending Machine Feet Cutting Machine

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