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Automatic Inserting Machine

Product number:
    Automatic Inserting Machine


    ●: High efficiency, high precision
    The full vision positioning system is provided by two high resolution preferred method CCDs and stable vision software to correct the X/Y and U direction errors of the Fiducial Mark.
    ●: High stability and flexible application
    High-rigidity base, Panasonic servo motor and THK high-precision screw guide drive X-Y axis, U-axis can be 0-360 degrees any angle, more flexible plug-in;
    ●: stable and reliable industrial control system
    Based on the Windows operating system platform, it has a multi-level operation interface and CCD-assisted simplified programming method, providing users with a simple operation interface and easier setting of the machine's operating procedures. It can also be SKIP-enabled with single board or jigsaw;
    ●: The transport track of the standard SMEMA interface, the width can be adjusted automatically
    The track can be set to BYPASS function, the operation is more flexible; the splint adopts the top-top design to prevent the circuit board from bending.
    ●: The supply form is flexible and can be matched with vibrating plate feeding, material feeding, Tube Feeder, Tary Feeder.
    Various feeders can be made according to customer's product specifications to meet the needs of different shaped component plug-ins;

    work Process:

    1、Work input
    2、Bar code confirmation (optional)
    3、To work area STOP & fixed
    4、Upper visual positioning
    5、Bottom visual inspection and correction  ——( put into the disposal box)
    6、XY axis motion to feeder position grabbing device
    8、Product output

    Plug-in machine parameter table

    PCB board PCB board length and width L50*W50-L350*300mm
    PCB board fixing method Edge clamping or carrier clamping
    Visual system  Number of cameras 2 sets of 5 megapixel German cameras
    Mode of debate Gray scale and shape discrimination, feature comparison and edge calculation
    Single plugin speed 0.8S
    XYZ repeatability 0.0.5 (mm)
    U-axis rotation repeatability 0.1
    Number of plug-in work heads 6
    Transfer type Single track
    Transport lane width adjustment automatic
    Number of feeders 8
    Equipment specifications (length, width and height) L1100*W1380*H1680(mm)
    Insertion rate 99.9%
    Throw rate <0.5%


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